Lying in the Desert Sands – Camping in Wadi Rum, Jordan

Moon rise and Sun set
Moon rise and Sun set

I have always dreamed of living a day in Arabian Nights! So now that I was in Aqaba, only 60km away from Wadi Rum, Valley of the Moon, the largest Wadi in Jordan and a UNESCO protected world heritage site! (

Most people would go on a day trip to Wadi Rum, but if you have time like I did, why not camp the night like a proper Bedouin!

Now unless you are a glamper or seriously need only luxury, there are so many low-cost options to stay out in the desert!

Look them up online – most baWadi Rum 3sic Bedouin camp facilities will cost you 25USD a night – either bed or warm mattress with lots of blankets-  because desert days may be hot, but desert nights are freeeeezinnggg cold! Bathroom facilities are very very basic, so be prepared to rough it!

This will also get you delicious dinner, refreshing Bedouin breakfast and unlimited cups of sweet Arabian tea kept warm on the glowing embers of the evening fire.

The camp fire with Suleiman singing and tea brewing.
The camp fire with Suleiman singing and tea brewing.

I got there around 4pm, and camp was empty so the one staff member told me to just pick a mattress and take a nap on the desert sands – MAGICAL! As the sun came down and the moon came up, I watched in meditation!


At 7pm we started to sit around the fire in the main tent, on plush cushions and exotic rugs. Tea was served throughout, sweet and tepid, playing to the sounds of the Bedouin host Suleiman’s songs as he sang away before dinner! And dinner was so scrumptuous, I am pretty sure I had to be rolled to my tent! Maqluba (meaning upside down), very similar to an Indian pilau, with chicken, rice and veggies, flipped upside down when served, with labneh (yoghurt) , tomatoes and cucumbers. YUMMYYYY!!

Too bad I was only there one night – the next night’s menu would have been meat cooked in the sand! Breakfast was labneh with fig jam,  hummus, pita bread, eggs, and yummy tea again! If you like Middle Eastern food, go to Jordan prepared with bigger pants!

Wadi Rum is a great place for adventurers – rock climbers can try their hand at desert  climbs, a camel ride is always an adventure, ride the sand dunes, or see where Lawrence of Arabia was filmed!

The easiest way to get to Wadi Rum from Aqaba is by bus or personal cab, which was not expensive at all!

Accomodation in Wadi Rum –

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