The Running Tour – Dead2Red Marathon, Jordan

So anyone who knows me knows I am not very sporty – and yet I ran with 9 other people in a 242km marathon! CARE International (my essential boss!) was having a charity fundraiser run from the Dead Sea to the Red Sea in Jordan, and I decided to go support by taking photos. Well that plan soon changed when I was told that it was great I was coming to support, and that I had been signed up to represent CARE Kenya and run with colleagues from Jordan, Germany, Portugal,  and some Syrian refugee volunteers themselves.

So on 13th March 2014, at 3pm, we started our run, from the Dead Sea to the Red Sea, 242km that had to be done in less than 24 hours. Definitely an experience – you see all these different landscapes and experience snow fall, desert storm, freezing rain and heat all in one!

Honestly one of the best ways to see a landscape. This challenged me in more ways than I ever knew – especially since I have never run more than 100 metres!

My advice to you – challenge yourself – marathon, triathalon, wheelbarrow race – always a great way to travel!

Emirates flies daily from Nairobi to Dubai, and onward to Amman! The start point for the marathon is 40 minutes out of Amman city. So why not join next year!

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Dead2Red Marathon –

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Walt Disney Marathon – (how fun to have Mickey Mouse and friends cheer you on!)

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