Not being crabby in Krabi!

Thailand! I love you! Seriously! So I decided to spend a few days after my CARE conference at the Andaman sea, and the first stop, Krabi!    A flight away from Bangkok on the really comfortable Bangkok Airways, I got there in a little over an hour. The great thing about Thailand is the ease of transport – a shuttle bus was able to take me to A pier where I could take a boat to Railay. 

Now what I was not ready for was the trip from the shore to Railay beach! See I was all alone and nobody told me that one can end up on a pretty ‘adventurous’ ride! I found a young boy who pushed to towards the beach – with the tide out it was a long bit of a walk! He charged me to carry my two rather large suitcases across the waves into this very rocky boat which apparently would take me to my hotel on Railay island!

So to the island I arrived, and yet to another ‘adventure’. Turned out that the boat took me to the side of the island all the way to the other side of my resort! Have you ever tried to wheel 2 suitcases in the sand? Let me tell you, it’s not easy! Luckily I found a good samaritan with a cart who took my bags up and got me to my resort safely!

By the time I settled in it was time for dinner – so a walk around the island brought me to one of the many locals, where I had rice in pineapple! Deliscioousaaaa!! And what better way to end that than a foot massage at one of the myriads of massage parlours in the streets!DSCN3418




I turned in early, being really tired ofcourse, and ready for my adventure the next morning! I left the resort at 6am as the sun came up, to go visit some ellies! (Those who know me know I LOVE  my ellies!).Thailand is known for having elephant parks where people can ride elephants. Well this is exactly what I was NOT going for! I had chosen a more earth-friendly version of a tour, to see ellies in their habitat, not ride them, and give them a bath without ever getting on them. I also very deliberately chose not to go to the Tiger Temple during my time in Thailand. And I am glad I did because the news coming out of there after was atrocious!

I was introduced to an orphan ellie whose name I cannot remember, but DSCN3399who loved to bathe! And so I spent my morning with him! Afternoon took me back to Railay, where I napped on the sunbed by the pool in the blistering heat. Dinner? Green curry in a fresh and fleshy coconut! It really doesn’t get better than this! One more foot massage and off to bed on the cliff overlooking the Andaman sea, as I prepared for my next part of the journey to Koh Samui, to feed my soul!

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