Serenity in Sangare



The weekend was here and I needed me some wilderness! Also, it was a long weekend so 2 nights were the bare expectation. Sam and I wanted to go somewhere new, and so I did some research and lo and behold, Sangare Conservancy came up! We just love Laikipia and so when we read about this conservancy (that has also been advertised extensively in Xpat Link) we thought, why not! About 3  hours out of Nairobi, what better way to spend the weekend!

Sam cooking under the tarp next to the car – and he still went gourmet!

So we drove in our trusted Che to the site. And were mesmerized. The conservancy has a lovely camp site at the dam, where we stayed, with really good bathroom facilities (ALWAYS a plus for me!). For the first night we were on our own.  As the sun set, we saw three elephants come up to the Dam, and stay around! While the morning had been really hot, just as we started grilling our steaks on the fire, the rain started to come down heavy! So for the first time ever, we had to cook under our new tarp, connected to our car! Oh the adventure! I loved it!

The next morning our friends joined us and we all had a good brekkie, after which we went with the two rangers to a nearby cave. As we walked, we talked, and too bad because we are pretty sure we scared away a leopard that had been sitting over a cliff ahead! The caves were beautiful but daunting – full of bones -think Shenzi’s lair from the Lion King! I would be so afraid to be here with hyenas around! It felt good to walk through the wild, amongst the creatures of this space.

DSCN6888In the evening after a lovely game drive, we settled down to make dinner. As we ate by the roaring fire, we heard crunches and rumbles – the three ellies from the day  before were close at hand but we let them be. Before bed I went to have a shower, where all was silent, and as I walked out of the camp showers, and walked 10 steps, I saw a shadow behind me -an ellie had been standing there the whole time, waiting for me to walk away before he could continue his crunching!

This place is magical, and Jessica and Henry who manage it, the nicest people ever!

Before we lose spaces like this, go check it out!


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