D you C that? Museuming in the Capitol!

I have the best friends ever. Really I do.  One flew from New Zealand and one flew from Canada and one drove from Long Island just to see me in DC after my recent work trip. And we have two other good friends in DC so it was a fantastic time!

We AirBnB’d it (my first time and it was awesome!) to make it cheaper and Uber’ed everywhere (oh the joy of Uber in today’s world!) that wouldn’t be accessible by the metro.

Also my first time in DC and if you love Museums this really is a treat! We went to the Newseum and saw parts of the Original Berlin Wall, wreckage from Sept. 11, and some other pieces of history and news. Sometimes we forget the risks journalists take to tell us what is going on around the world.

I also went with my friends to the Holocaust Museum and that was really hard. Why do we humans keep saying never again yet we forget so fast?

We were lucky to even walk past the White House and the Capitol building, and even sit in a Senate hearing!

What’s really cool is that a tonne of museums in DC are free entry! What better way to be cheap tourists? And all the Memorials – The Ab Lincoln one, Thomas Jefferson, and the Martin Luther King one which I absolutely loved! Walking through the park….such joy!

So, next time you are around, get off the beaten path and museum around!


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