Going with the Flo – Rida!

Gainesville and St. Augustine’s , Florida. That was my latest stop. My good friend Ummat, wild-lifer extraordinaire (and still Kenyan in his blood!) lives there now so I went to visit. And ofcourse what better chance to go see the local wildlife! Homosassa Springs Park is as fantastic place to see the wildlife if that’s what you are into! And such a lovely walk too!

A rock? No, a Manatee!

The Gainesville airport is probably one of the tiniest in that part of the world, and even one of the easiest to get through! So cute!

My  favourites! Seeing a real-life cougar AND a manatee! I was so blessed! The manatee looked like a rock so was hard to see the first time. But what a way to start my visit – wildlife!  And bears and American eagles and owls – the snakes were a bit creepy for me though!



DSCN7128And the day after, off to St. Augustine, the oldest continuously occupied European settlement in the United States. That was also such a treat! Old Spanish buildings and a fort, and for dinner, Ice Plant, where you can get any size of ice available.



DSCN7137So the next time you are in Florida, get off the beaten beach path, and try something different!




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