Off to Nether Nether Land!

IAmsterDam. ‘Nuff said. Actually, all of the Netherlands, I love you. Really. I wish I had more time to hang out and see more of you. But I love you.

My journey started a few months ago (just fyi, Dutch visas for Kenyans are currently processed in South Africa). I was flying back through Amsterdam on my way home from Atlanta and figured I should go visit some friends.

Some of the friendliest police and immigration officials ever! I landed on a Sunday and was supposed to meet my friend to take the train to Rotterdam – I was worried I would miss her but in literally 30 minutes I was off the plane, through immigration, got my bags, took the elevator down to the trains, and off to Rotterdam!

The NS train service is the best way to get around the country – depending on which one you take (and best is to buy tickets online if you can) , in less than an hour you can reach Rotterdam, and in less than 40 minutes, Den Haag (the Hague!).

I spent my first two days in Rotterdam with my high school friend Adema and her lovely husband Ramon. The village of Kinderdijk is not so far, and acceccible by a Waterbus and a boat shuttle. I spent half a day there, walking around to see the 19 amazing windmill homes that many still live in. This World Heritage Site is quite pleasant to walk around.

DSCN7285Day 2 in Rotterdam was all about the town centre – Rotterdam doesn’t have too many old buildings because in the Second World War the Germans bombed the city and many old buildings were lost. This, however, led to some really interesting new buildings and architecture. The Cube Houses , for example, are cool, quirky, and yet functioning!


I took the train the day after to Amsterdam (this is not too fun with three suitcases though!) and spent two days there with my friend. He lives in an old building right by the canal. People love Amsterdam for many reasons – for me it was the ability to walk around such lovely spaces! I did go to the Museum quarter and did take a pic of the IAmSterdam sign. I loved walking around the museums as well – Van Gogh, and a special exhibition of Banksy’s work – touching and real.

Some amazing food in the city too!

One day I went to Den Haag to visit another friend – train ride, and lovely walk. We went to the Peace Palace and that was so great to be at! A space where worlds have come together. I do wish I had more time in this lovely country but I will be back!



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