Being a ‘hotelist’ – my hotel stay preps.

So, hotels. Most times, we love them, But when you start travelling lots for work and stay at hotels that aren’t always your top choice, things do get tiring. Over the past few years, I have come to realize that I need to make the hotels feel like home, especially if I am planning to be there for 2 weeks!

So, here are my things to absolutely do (many of them are tied to me watching too many horror documentaries about all the germs in hotel rooms!) especially in hotels in places where stars of hotel don’t mean much!

  1. My own pillowcase – that’s right. I carry a scarf to cover pillows with – I just dont want any dirt from previous ‘tenants’  getting in my hair ( I know, a little extreme)
  2. Coffee anybody?  – I am not sure how clean those cups in hotel rooms are, so I tend to take my own coffee mug. Shout out to Contigo for the amazing options of coffee mugs they have.
  3. Water me up –  Single-use plastic bottles be gone! I carry around my swell-inspired water bottle and fill it wherever I find a dispenser. I also take my Seychelles Water Filtration Bottle to drink from the tap where needed. Read my blog from Malawi  from inspiration.
  4. Fresh towels madam -So most often hotels clean their towels well. But there are some, especially in the hotels we stay in for aid work, that are a little more suspicious. Always useful to carry your own bath and face towel!
  5. Hot water bottle – So sometimes it may be too cold. Or you feel unwell. A hot water bottle is great for just getting comfortable.
  6. Air freshner oil in a spray bottle that reminds me of home – We are anti aerosol but do make our own oil fragrances – and my favourite smell is citron-ney, reminds me of home!


So , whats your list?



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