A world of magical Art!

Pondering.  How do I remember each city I travel to? How do I tell the story of travels many years later?

I have always thought that I would love to be one of ‘those’ people who collected art and antiques from all over the world, but I always had that voice in my head that said ‘ you can’t afford it.’ And so I persisted with that thought.

BUT then! Thailand happened! On a trip with the hubby last year, we were walking around Koh Samui and saw this shop where artists were painting replicas of almost ANYTHING. Really.  So we casually walked in, thinking, we would never afford any of the pieces, but there was no harm looking.

Imagine our shock when we found out that actually the paintings were fairly reasonable, and the painters were getting a fair wage! I don’t think we have ever snapped up anything so fast! Three HUGE paintings later, we were back in Kenya – and just to say it cost us more to frame them than actually buying them!

Now my aim is to make sure I have at least half a day of walking around in any city to look for some art to take back home – and it could be anything! A Kilim from Cappadocia , a selection of bottles from Amsterdam, Cappadocia and Prague (one with the art work of Mucha, who seems to be inspired by the Art Nouveau similar to Gustav Klimt!), a cushion from Den Haag, and so many more art pieces. A Gustav Klimt replica of Expectation from Vienna – why not! A 70 year old Swahili Door wall piece from the back streets of Zanzibar – a dream come true! Pieces of a 50 year old Dhow from Lamu – now a cool coat rack!


And I often find, if you look on the back alleys, you will find something. So what are you waiting for? (P.s. get some comfy shoes!)




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