Anchored in remoteness – a sail to Kipungani, of calmness and corners

Lamu is most definitely my spirit home! And there definitely is a tug in my heart that keeps taking me back. So what better place to spend some time to regenerate, rejuvenate, than Lamu. Having lived in this country my whole life, there are still places I have not seen.

I was so grateful to Kelly Campbell of The Village Experience for recommending a sail to Kipungani with the effervescent sailors extraordinaire of Hippo Dhow, and for the experience of a lifetime. Hours on a fairly calm ocean, passing historical villages, dhow sheds where the original wooden glories of the ocean were built, finally culminating in the anchor into a little slice of heavenly remote island, at the cusp where the channel met the open sea – imagine being in a calm bay, with the water warm, turquoise and perfect for swimming, and just round the corner, walking along the beach to find open ocean, waves good enough for some crazy surfs!

If it wasn’t just enough to swim in the healing saltwaters, the day got even more special, with the amazing crew getting out a barbeque made out of an old beer keg, to grill up some amazingly fresh king fish, marinated in a secret sauce so good, served with fresh salad and chapatis. A table was whipped out, and a full meal was had on the dhow!

Another dip into the ocean, a fresh-water shower after, and a sail back home. Experiences like this are really gratitude-inspiring, and as our world becomes even more invaded, they truly are to be savoured. While walking up on the dunes, unfortunately, littered on the sand were thousands of little pieces of plastic, and in between them, shadowed in the damage we have done, shells barely visible. These pieces are not from the local communities – their soft edges made it clear that they have come from far, possibly across the ocean. The idea that there is more plastic than fish in the ocean is no more just hearsay. So, my recommendation – try enjoy these experiences when you can, for one day they will be gone.

To experience a similar adventure, you can book Hippo Dhow through their Facebook page. I promise you magic!

#TheKensoLife #ReshmasTravelogue #SupportLocalTourism #DhowTrips

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