Why the shift from a travelogue to talking about JOURNEYS

The world has changed. Even with our best estimates, the world will probably not be the same for a long time – and travel will definitely change. I have been pondering this for the past few weeks, as I revisited my blogs, and found more time for my creative writing, and wondering what to do with a travel blog if I cannot….well…travel.

As the world shifted, so did my internal world. Over the COVID19 chaos, I finally got my certification as an Accredited Executive Coach from the Academy of Executive Coaching. I realized that I needed to be able to serve more leaders globally, particularly now, to evoke their own transformation, to help build their resilience to an ever-disruptive world, and to make it through. I left my full-time job with CARE International to open my leadership coaching, team dynamic effectiveness coaching, facilitation and consulting company, K’enso Consulting.

This does mean that I do not travel as much anymore, but it does mean that like my own brand and journey, I can take the opportunity to shift this blog to something more, something that covers musings on travel, culture, leadership, eco-hippiness and everything between!

I very much feel that the idea of K’enso is also one that resonates very much with my own life journey. The concept of K’enso was really built after much reflection, meditation, and support circles with friends and family to ask what brand best represented my work.

The name K’enso combines two words and concepts. K’e -A Navajo concept referring to human connection, kinship, community, and wholeness. A great article on this is here – http://www.chriscorrigan.com/parkinglot/in-the-land-of-ke/

Enso – Japanese concept of a circle that is hand-drawn in one or two uninhibited brushstrokes to express a moment when the mind is free to let the body create.  Also can mean the circle of togetherness, and is seen as a sacred symbol. Also refers to current state of mind and moving through human imperfection towards achievement or enlightenment.  More detail at https://www.theauthenticpath.com/the-enso-circle:-the-ultimate-zen-guide

For me, these two refer to the ability of an individual or a team to connect with the self and community, and to their wholeness, and to allow themselves to catalyze and evoke your own transformation. None of them have a direct, singular translation, which is why they seem so apt – because there is so much space to explore.

So going forward, I hope to share some musings and reflections on different JOURNEYS. Leadership, earth-centredness, cultural connection, issues of power, inclusion and diversity, everything that encapsulates K’enso. So join me.


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